Macau casino workers gambling ban would require ‘sophisticated ID technology’

Macau skyline

A proposal to ban Macau gaming workers from entering casinos outside working hours means venues would probably have to implement advanced identification technology, according to a gaming expert.

“[The ban] would require a centralised ID swipe/monitoring system similar to that deployed by Immigration auto-gates,” said Ben Lee, managing partner at IGamiX.

The proposal states that workers apart from those who perform functions less directly connected to gaming would be banned from entering casinos, with the exception of certain holidays and training commitments.

The proposed regulations will see a possible fine of between MOP1,000 (US$125) and MOP10,000.

Lee said the ban “would remove the temptation for those problem gamblers to start,” and that “the size of bets and the frequency would not be as damaging”.

The proposal mirrors those in other jurisdictions with casino employees sometimes banned from playing in casinos in the same cities or even the states in which they are employed.

“This is to prevent problem gambling as well as the development of scams where players can mingle freely in a casino environment albeit not in their own,” he added.

The gaming consultant added that any “impact overall would be minimal but selective”.

The proposed regulations will now undergo debate in the Macau Legislative Assembly.