Casinos Austria International to launch Liechtenstein’s second casino

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Casinos Austria International will open Liechtenstein’s second casino in the Pirandello business centre in Schaanwald on 25 October.


Hosting seven gaming tables, four for card games and three for roulette, alongside 114 slots, the new venue will be just a few kilometres away from Casinos Austria’s Bregenz casino across the border in Austria.

Liechtenstein saw the opening of its first casino, operated by Admiral, part of the Novomatic group, in August this year.

Local newspaper Wiener Zeitung reported that businessman Wolfgang Egger planned to open a casino near the principality’s capital city of Vaduz after the entrepreneur won the constitutional monarchy’s initial public tender for a licence.

However, his scheme has faced years of delays after other operators involved in the process launched a series of legal challenges.

According to media reports Egger has now abandoned plans for the casino portion of the project and is instead looking to open the Vaduzerhof, a 35-room hotel, hosting restaurants and shops in the capital.

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