Change or face more regulation, warns WrB chair

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Helen Walton, who chaired Clarion’s WrB Responsible Gambling Innovation symposium on Tuesday, has warned that the industry faces more regulation if it fails to make the changes expected by regulators.


Speaking after what had been widely regarded as a productive and illuminating WrB in London, the co-founder and chief commercial officer of Gamevy confirmed: “I think the Gambling Commission continues to be a supporter of the industry in the sense that it wants us to do better.

“But I also think we all agree that more regulation will come if we do not make changes ourselves, and that it will not necessarily be beneficial either to the industry to our customers or to society as a whole.”

On the issue of whether the industry views social responsibility as a function or a culture, she added: “There are some conflicts between short term profit and long term sustainability and we risk deluding ourselves if we don’t discuss them, but we all agree on the importance of making gambling more responsible and its long term benefit. Our decisions and actions help make up the culture that will ensure social responsibility.

“There is such clear passion to do the right thing and that’s encouraging. But why don’t we have an industry wide, well funded body making a strong communications plan to shift public perception? Why aren’t we funding research and agreeing standards for exclusions etc? These are hard challenges and we need to take bold steps.”

Sadie Walters, senior events producer responsible for WrB said: “This was a thoughtful, passionate and illuminating edition of WrB which succeeded in bringing together an audience of over 120 delegates comprising senior gaming industry thought leaders, regulators, charity groups and agencies.

“The willingness of CEOs such as Jesper Kaarbrink and Richard Flint to talk candidly about quite sensitive issues and to share their experiences concerning transparency, gaining shareholder buy-in and the risks associated with the affiliate market, help make the WrB series such an important addition to the gaming industry calendar.”

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