apex gaming eae
Christian Weissengruber and Georgi Lungolov

CLOVER LINK, from Apex Gaming, has continued its global rise to prominence with a memorable showing at the Entertainment Arena Expo (EAE) show in Bucharest.

CLOVER LINK, the latest jackpot innovation from Apex Gaming is already a key installation on many casino floors and furthered this global visibility at this year’s EAE, which was held in Bucharest 3-5 September

Given the product’s current market success it was little surprise that visitors to the show were keen to get first hand information on CLOVER LINK from the APEX team.

“It may not be a major show in the global gaming calendar yet for us the EAE is a show that we cannot miss. Alongside the CLOVER LINK, we showed our solutions for the local arcade and bar market – a market segment where APEX is well represented”, added Christian Weissengruber, sales manager for Romania at APEX gaming.

He added that a key operational benefit of CLOVER LINK is that it is available in a number of different formats – the BIG ISLAND with eight APEX slots, the ROUND ISLAND with four APEX slots and the WALL EDITION that can be expanded upon demand with a minimum of five APEX slots.

In addition to all this, customers can choose from a wide range of slots for each CLOVER LINK solution – the Pinnacle Premium Curved slots (one monitor per slot – 43” screen) or the Pinnacle Premium SL slots (three monitors per slot – each with a 27” screen) and the new Pinnacle Black Series (two monitors per slot – each with a 24” screen) as well as the Pinnacle SL (two monitors per slot – each with a 27” screen) with its attractive LED lighting.

“It has been an outstanding year for CLOVER LINK. Even though our industry is global, it is small and personal and recommendations play a key role. Our client base is growing steadily and this motivates further operators to introduce CLOVER LINK, having seen its success elsewhere. The EAE show has been an excellent opportunity for us to give visitors focused information on the true benefits we offer – indeed by taking gaming to the next level”, concluded Kubilay Özer, global sales director at APEX gaming.