Compodis spotlights comprehensive product portfolio and new CD Display Solutions

Goran Sovilj sales director Compodis
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Serving both operators and OEM manufacturers with its extensive portfolio of components, Compodis’ sales director Goran Sovilj explains that with its newly rebranded website and web shop, the company is positioned for success.


Casino Review: Could you give us a bit more insight into Compodis – what sets you apart in the marketplace?

Goran Sovilj: Compodis is a distributor of components and spare parts for various industries including gaming, amusement, sports betting, retail kiosk, self-service and industrial.

What sets us apart is the fact that we are a young, relatively smaller sized company which makes us very flexible towards ever changing customer needs and to disruptive global supply chains. Although we are a young company, we do possess 30+ years of experience in this field. Our customers always come first, whether you are a smaller sized operator or a larger sized OEM manufacturer – we ship orders out the same day or deliver within the agreed timeframe.

Our customer base is wide spread across Europe serving both operators for replacement parts and OEM manufacturers with our extensive portfolio of components.

CR: What are some of your product focuses for 2021?

GS: Our extensive line of locks in various models from low cost to high security, available from stock with fast delivery whether customer needs key alike or key different series. All branded under our Compodis brands. Today we can ship 5000 key different locks to a manufacturer or one new key code of 25 locks to an operator.

Besides that we have partnerships in place which enables us to supply switches, cash handling components and other cabinet parts. What is really exciting are our CD Display Solutions, where we are proud to offer extremely high-quality open frames monitors at very competitive pricing.

Later this year we are launching several new products under our CD brand or through new partnerships. We highly recommend to follow our page on LinkedIn or signup for our newsletter on our website.

CR: You recently redesigned your website, could you tell us more about this?

GS: Our aim was to better present our company, our work, our brands and our partners.

In order to unify our digital presence and the overall experience of the Compodis brand we have also redesigned our web shop to capture the look and feel of the new branding.

An important and recognisable element of our new branding is the net-like texture which supports the logo as the secondary element of the brand identity. This element visualises one of the pillars of our company: providing a safety-net for our clients’ business.

Additionally, the new colours blue and red represent our quality, reliability and passion.

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