Continent 8 whisper secrets about new launch at this year’s ICE

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The team at Continent 8 announces its secret new communication network will be unveiled at ICE.


[dropcap]C[/dropcap]ontinent 8 has confirmed it will be launching new connectivity products at this year’s ICE Totally Gaming.

The leading provider of Co-location, Managed Services and Network solutions to the eGaming industry claims the new products will enable any Continent 8 customer to use their network to communicate securely and cost effectively regardless of where the user is in the world.

Continent 8 has been unveiling ‘secrets’ in the lead up to ICE, previously unveiling that their location count hit 25 and is still growing, and the fact their network now wraps round the whole planet.

The latest secret was unveiled in a press release, with Continent 8 commenting: “Many of our customers have a need to exchange information and data with each other, often this is critical B2B traffic. For example, eGaming operators regularly ‘talk’ across networks to their software providers, payment processors, lawyers, CSPs, affiliates, regulators – and more.  Much of the time these comms are using VPNs over the public internet.

“However, we all know the internet is not the ideal medium for this traffic, even if ‘secured’ by a VPN – it’s still a potential doorway for attacks, hacks and potential data compromise. The best approach has always been to make this traffic entirely private, not accessible from the internet, and with a service level you can trust. Historically though, this would have meant extremely costly private circuits or a high-end MPLS mesh being the only option available.

Continent 8’s statement, continued: “We will be launching new connectivity products at ICE which will enable any Continent 8 customer to use our network to communicate with each other, securely and very cost effectively – whether located in the same data centre, or on the other side of the world.”

The release concluded: “With coverage now throughout Europe, North America and Asia the company’s unique global backbone linking all Continent 8 Data Centres, points of presence and peering points is being made available to any Continent 8 customer at extremely attractive rates. Point-to-point private virtual circuits are available between locations and customers at varying speeds. It’s an exciting development, as it will enable ecosystems of directly-connected business partners to develop in a secure and cost effective environment.”

To find out how these new services, along with the expanded reach of the Continent 8 network can help your business, visit Continent 8 at ICE on stand N3-110.


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