CPI chosen for Casinos Austria International opening in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein Casino Schaanwald cpi
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Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) has been selected as the preferred banknote validator supplier for Casino Schaanwald, Casinos Austria International’s first venture into Liechtenstein.


The casino, which held its grand opening on 25 October 2017, utilises SC Advance banknote validators across its slot floor.

The CAI management at Casino Schaanwald places utmost focus on innovation to give their customers the best possible service. As Liechtenstein is embedded between Switzerland and Austria, the casino has to embrace both currencies – the Euro and the Swiss Franc.

“We are celebrating a true premiere, something we believe is unique to the global gaming market,” explained Thomas Pirron, managing director at Casino Schaanwald.

“Our slots not only accept both currencies, but they also offer gameplay and pay-out in either currency the player elects to use. Then, once the player has vacated their seat, the slot they had been using returns to its original setting, open to both currencies for the next player to choose.”

As a long-term customer of CPI, Casinos Austria International has relied on the SC family of banknote validators – and, most recently, recently, SC Advance – for years.

The significance of the banknote validator is raised even higher at Casino Schaanwald because it must be able to handle two separate currencies.

“We have chosen CPI as our bill reader partner because SC Advance will handle both currencies with a first-time acceptance rate that is second to none,” continued Pirron. “It’s reliable, fast and, just as importantly, allows us to deliver a seamless playing experience to our guests – many of whom come from Switzerland and Austria to visit us in Liechtenstein.

“Thanks to CPI, most of our players won’t ever have to deal with the hassle of currency exchange before sitting down at a game. That’s not only a big win for them – but also for us! Accepting what our players have in their wallets is critical to earning their loyalty. And, because SC Advance is so secure, we know it’s going to recognize and reject any fraudulent note, regardless of its currency, each and every time. It was the perfect solution for us.”

“Our customers clearly know what a difference having the best banknote validator makes,” said Anette Jauch, CPI sales director for Gaming EMEA.

“SC Advance has proven itself time and again to keep players happy and attract more money to the cashbox. We at CPI are so proud that it was chosen as the preferred banknote validator for Casino Schaanwald and that we can support Casino Austria International’s debut expansion into Liechtenstein.”

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