CPI showcase Easitrax after strong year in Europe and beyond

Casino Review - CPI Easitrax Europe
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The updated Easitrax cash management system from CPI took centre stage on the company’s stand at ICE following positive sales in Europe in 2016


Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) displayed its SC Advance bill acceptor and an updated EASITRAX cash management system at ICE following strong sales throughout Europe last year.

Katherine Cotter, marketing manager at CPI, explained how EASITRAX helps casinos become more efficient.

“The system tracks the performance data in the bill validator and sends it to a remote database,” she said. “The operators can then review this information and easily identify which units need attention. Not only can they handle cash drops a lot faster this way, but they are also able to make more informed maintenance- and securityrelated decisions.”

These benefits and, accordingly, the associated payback have become even more pronounced since CPI introduced a Maintenance Alerts feature for EASITRAX.

This feature, which was released last year, maximises how much oversight and control operators have over their payment systems.

“It allows operators to set their own thresholds based on what they determine is the ideal performance for their bill validators,” Cotter added. “Some operators want a minimum acceptance rate of 96 percent, for instance. By setting this level in Maintenance Alerts, they will then receive an automatic email update if the acceptance rate drops below that threshold on any of their machines. We are currently working on bringing real-time functionality to EASITRAX, but for now operators can decide exactly when and how often they want to receive their automated alerts – typically, once a day based upon their drop schedule.”

It is this constant innovation that keeps CPI at the forefront of payment technologies, and this has not gone unnoticed by the industry.

“We had a fantastic year last year,” Cotter said. “We continued to gain share globally – and our growth in Europe was especially notable. In fact, we signed more than 35 preferred supplier agreements with OEMs throughout the territory.”

When asked why CPI had found such success, Cotter explained: “Our products are exceptional, for sure, but so is our customer service. We don’t just walk away from our customers after the sale; we go out and support them in person. Taking the time to understand their needs and develop new ways to help them become more successful is, in turn, the way we’ve become more successful.”

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