CPI continues program of empowering its customers

Casino Review - CPI continues program of empowering its customers
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Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) will showcase “the most comprehensive portfolio of automated payment systems in the gaming industry” for ICE 2017.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]mong the products on display will be the new SCR Advance note recycler and the EASITRAX Web cash management solution, which now offers a new Maintenance Alerts feature.

SCR Advance is an evolution from the original two-denomination SCR note recycler.  In addition to offering the same standard of acceptance and security as the legacy unit, SCR Advance has incorporated new technology to deliver the lowest jam rate in the industry, resulting in longer machine uptime, fewer service calls, and greater operator profitability.

As well as its low jam rate, SCR Advance is equipped with a number of security features that differentiate it in the marketplace.

Its architecture includes a removable anti-stringing module as well as a specialised inventory management system that accurately tracks the number of notes going into and out of the machine; it provides complete note accountability even in a powered down state; and personnel can access system components, when needed for maintenance, without also gaining access to secured notes, which remain safely locked away.

Also on the CPI booth will be EASITRAX Web, CPI’s cash management solution for casino environments that is now installed in more than 200,000 games worldwide.

EASITRAX Web works by gathering information from multiple SC note acceptors into a remote database, where it can be easily converted into customisable reports from anywhere in the world with secure intranet access.

This data can be used to streamline the drop process, facilitate asset evaluations and conduct preventative maintenance programs. Since cashboxes no longer need to be tied to specific machines, operators can save 20-30 seconds per cashbox on every drop, which CPI states routinely results in a return on investment in under a year.

CPI has released a new Maintenance Alerts feature for EASITRAX Web that allows operators to set performance thresholds and receive automated notifications based upon these critical metrics. This will help operators save time and interpret data so problems can be identified and prevented before they occur.

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