Dallmeier Cameras now enable “intelligent incident search”

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In an age when artificial intelligence in technological products is becoming increasingly dominant, video surveillance cameras are also being equipped with an artificial intelligence level: Video Content Analysis.


Video Content Analysis is the automated analysis of observation situations using video data to detect and classify objects and incidents that are relevant for intervention, and also offers the user an intelligent filter function for large volumes of recorded material.

All 5000 series Dallmeier cameras are equipped with VCA technology as standard, to allow intelligent incident searching in the recorded video stream.

Filtering of the observation situation by the camera with the aid of the preset classifications enables real-time video analysis, with which incorrectly detected incidents can be minimised in advance and are not even transmitted for storage, while at the same time incidents that are relevant can be stored on the server together with the associated metadata.

This functionality has the advantage in the next step that the user no longer has to spend long periods laboriously viewing huge volumes of archived material, but instead can find the incidents of interest more selectively and efficiently with the aid of the stored metadata. Valuable time is saved, and pertinent suspicious instances can be verified quickly and simply.

Unlike motion detection (simple detection of movement), with which this analysis is carried out on the appliance only after the fact, consuming much time on the part of the user, VCA performs the analysis beforehand and in real time, and classifies the objects it detects.

The results of the analysis are transmitted continuously to the recording system together with the corresponding metadata as an incident report.

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