Dallmeier announches 360° fisheye camera


The Dallmeier MDF5400HD-DN Fisheye is a network camera with a fisheye lens especially designed to work with the image sensor.


The high resolution of the sensor in conjunction with the very latest encoder technology and sophisticated image processing together deliver image recording of exceptional quality with 8 megapixel resolution and a frame rate of up to 25/30 fps.

This camera is therefore the ideal choice when an entire room has to be captured in detail with no blind spots and in real time. The rectified display of the live image and recordings from a MDF5400HD-DN is supported with a digital PTZ function by any workstation in the SeMSy® Video Management System.

In smaller video security systems, convenient analysis with the SMAVIA Viewing Client video management software is the ideal option. Besides a PTZ function, the SMAVIA Viewing Client also supports the display of one rectified 360° panoramic view or two 180° views of half the room each.

The Fisheye camera consists of one ultra-compact sensor housing designed for unobtrusive fitting in suspended ceilings. It can be installed in extremely small spaces together with the separate encoder housing and operated with an external power supply or with PoE Class 0.

The camera is equipped with an ambient light sensor and a removable IR cut filter and can switch between day and night modes automatically. Different day and night presets can also be defined and adapted for the exposure settings.

The integrated Video Content Analysis (VCA) detects movement and objects in the uncompressed image and analyses them in real time (depending on the analysis resolution) with highly advanced analysis functions such as Intrusion Detection or Line Crossing.