Dallmeier presents interface server software

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At this year’s G2E Asia, global video security expert Dallmeier presented its interface server software for casinos.

The functionality and breadth of application of Dallmeier solutions have been steadily growing over the past few years, especially with regards to interfaces and analytics. This allows the video security system to become a high-performance video information system which is analysing and optimising games, workflows and operating procedures.

Some of the interfaces Dallmeier presented at this year’s G2E Asia included the Gaming interface for baccarat and the Point of Sales (POS) interface. The SeMSy III Gaming Interface Server Software is an interface between baccarat shoe devices and the SeMSy III video management system.

The data of the third-party system transactions is linked to the video data and stored in the integrated SQL database. Both in live and playback, a text overlay can be placed on the camera overlooking the Baccarat table. Therefore, various search functions can be used – for example, on table number, game number, date and time or combinations of card suit and number.

Furthermore, electronic reports of selected games can be created. Additional information regarding trends can be used to analyse winning bets against trends. In addition, every game action has the capability to generate an alarm, lowering the risk of persons cheating in a game.

With the SeMSy III POS Interface Server Software, the POS transaction data is linked to video data. Searches can be performed, for example on POS number, employee ID, camera number, check number, check total or item count. Different transaction criteria can generate an alarm. The operator will receive the alarm and can then switch the camera to his alarm monitor automatically or view the event retrospectively in the recordings.

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