Dallmeier takes new BJ solution to G2E

Las Vegas
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For G2E 2018, Dallmeier will present visitors a wide range of its Smart Casino products, which can easily be combined, used as individual modules, or interfaced with third party technologies.

“At the beginning of this year we have introduced to the market Dallmeier innovative Smart Casino Solutions which had received an extremely positive feed-back from casino operators”, said Konrad Hechtbauer, Project and Application Development director at Dallmeier Electronic.

“After introducing our new concept and product offering to the Asian and European operators, the next step was to present our newly released technologies to the American markets and G2E show in Las Vegas gives us a great opportunity and platform to reveal our new products.”

In recent years Dallmeier has invested heavily in research and development, aiming to create innovative operational systems which can manage different business areas and concepts in real-time, and give operators complete control over all areas of their properties, including gaming, security, surveillance, hotel, retail and strategic marketing.

“Security, traceability, overall operations’ management from every angle and aspect, and a complete detailed analysis of the obtained data are the key elements building our innovative systems”, added Hechtbauer.

Dallmeier team will be conducting dedicated personal demonstrations, where invited guests will be able to see Casino Automation Technology (CAT) solution for Black Jack, Facial Recognition, People Tracking, and Counting.

“For years Dallmeier was worldwide known for their advanced surveillance technology and we are now ready to pursue different business opportunities and strategies, aiming to place Dallmeier as a leading strategic partner for the casino operators,” said Konrad Hechtbauer.

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