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DR Gaming Technology Casino Systems
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Ahead of the company’s appearance at G2E Asia this May, DR Gaming Technology Group CEO, Jurgen De Munck explains that the firm develops its systems and jackpot technology with the player in mind.


In a recent study by Microsoft, the software giant noted that 54 percent of customers will increase their expectations for customer service today compared to a year ago. What this shows us is the simple fact that as competition gets tougher and tougher, markets become more and more competitive and the power of the customer continues to grow.

Companies that survive in this environment are those that manage to meet their customers needs, whereas those that flourish are those that not only meet their customers needs, but actually drive those needs, many times off of advances in existing technology or new developments of their own; one only has to reference the likes of Airbnb, Uber or Netflix. To this end we continue to develop our systems and jackpot technology with the casino operator’s customer, the player, front of mind at all times.

Our ‘Player First’ mantra drives all of our development, and as we visit Macao again in May, visitors to the exhibition can look forward to seeing first hand just how robust, and user- and player-friendly our world-class jackpot and systems offering is. We attend this year’s event alongside our Asian partner and long-standing customer, RGB International. Our association with RGB goes back many years, and without them our ability to expand and service our product offering in Asia would simply not be possible. The greatest technology and products are only as good as the people that use them, and as a result installation, and ongoing after sales, support and service is a non-negotiable, and in RGB we have a partner who too subscribes to this without question. Our latest systems and drScreenUltra (8.8”) installation at Grandz VIP Club in Caloocan, Philippines in March bears testament to that.

In an article on www.customerlink.com of 8 April 2019 the lead author of ‘Delighting the Customer: Creativity-Oriented High- Performance Work Systems, Frontline Employee Creative Performance, and Customer Satisfaction’, Dr. Ieva Martinaityte, is referenced noting: “We are living in a constantly changing environment and companies need to adapt to changes in technology and customer needs. Customers want a more personal service and we show that a more creative approach is a way to enhance their experience. Delighting the customer will increasingly stem from frontline employees’ creative rather than scripted role performance.”

Dr. Martinaityte’s view is not a new one, and whilst we cannot drive casino staff’s creativity, his point does reenforce a key driver behind the successes DR Gaming Technology has enjoyed over the last decade and a half. Our Tables Management System, which continues to gain significant traction across the globe, is a good example: it seamlessly integrates Tables game play data into our accounting, cage and reporting modules, in so doing replacing what was until recently very much a ‘pen and paper’ system, and affording operators more time for staff to actually engage with players. Similarly, our Roaming Cashier allows operators to provide an (Android) mobile service to players on their casino floor, without the need for them to physically visit the cash desk.

The delighting of customers referred to above also extends to our player tracking interface hardware and software which allows operators the ability to push content to individual or groups of players directly at their EGM, and our jackpot products on both Slots and Tables; as we know there really is no bigger drawcard for a gambler. In addition to our world-leading range of jackpot configuration options and our Black- Jack11’s Tables jackpot game, we will also be exhibiting our new 3-card Poker21’s game in Macao. It, like BlackJack11’s, is also really easy to play, and easy to learn for dealers and players alike; simply draw 21 with your three dealt poker cards and win.

If visitors to G2E Asia 2019 are looking for a user-friendly and robust management system solution, world-class jackpots to surprise and delight their players, or technology to assist them in engaging and communicating with their players better, DRGT is an exhibitor they should visit.

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