DRGT in Macau: Creating value with the right products and the right people

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Duncan Pollock, Head of Global Marketing at DR Gaming Technology, discusses how this year’s edition of G2E Asia went for the company and reports that the show served to once again highlight the value of the firm’s ‘player first’ focus.


“Customers’ service expectations are on the increase, that is a given. As a result, if their needs are not met, they will simply leave and find another service provider.  The challenge then, as we all become a part of what is becoming a more and more integrated global economy, is accurately assessing the needs of an ever-increasing range of customers.

“Through our long-standing Asian customer and partner RGB International (RGB), we have luckily been able to gain insight into these needs, and as a result been able to make significant in-roads into the Asian market. Our showing at G2E Asia in Macao bears testament to that, where together we were able to address and engage with local Asian customers and jointly present what is becoming a significant arsenal of products that are truly being embraced by Asian operators, and more importantly their players.

“Our ‘Player First’ design mantra, along with RGB’s unwavering customer commitment and the strength, and loyalty of their staff, align perfectly, resulting in an ever-evolving partnership that continues to gain momentum. Whether it be our world-leading range of slots jackpot configurations, our tables jackpot side-bet games, our fully integrated tables management system or our range of player interface and communication products, we have been able to provide Asian gaming operators with technology that truly delivers smart, cost-effective and user-friendly solutions that put their player first.

“Product and service value is increasingly starting to reside outside of the confines of office walls. Technology and connectivity have afforded us insight and access to mountains of information, and answers to many of our questions are now simply a mouse-click away, and it is here where opportunity really lies. Consumers are not only after the robust, user-friendly and cost-effective solutions referred to above, but also a genuine interest in their business by service providers, as well as a true understanding of their operations.  

“To the above end, Asian casino operator interest in our technology offering and it’s ‘player first’ focus, and more importantly the service and support associated thereto, is what was the major ‘take out’ from this year’s G2E Asia. As operators well know, notwithstanding the product they place on their floor, it is their ability to engage, communicate and ultimately surprise and delight their players that will determine their on-going success; we are extremely proud to be an enabler in this field.”


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