DRGT hits the jackpot at ICE Totally Gaming

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Duncan Pollock, DRGT’s head of global marketing, explains that for the company, the focus remains providing operators with solutions – such as the firm’s wide portfolio of mystery and progressive jackpots – that keep them at the forefront of meeting their players’ needs.


International Casino Review: What does DRGT gain from its attendance at ICE?

Duncan Pollock: DR Gaming Technology has been in existence since 2007, and notwithstanding our global expansion over the last decade, we maintain that ICE Totally Gaming: London, has evolved into the world’s premier gaming exhibition.

As a result, we spend a significant amount of time working towards ICE as a deadline for many of our new developments and projects as it provides us the best possible opportunity to showcase them to the widest possible range of customers. At ICE 2018 we were proud to entertain customers from all seven continents.

ICE also provides us the opportunity to engage directly with customers – both new and existing – and spend time building on both new and current relationships.

In fact we have just celebrated a decade of operations in Switzerland, where we currently manage the casino and jackpot systems for eight casinos, and are currently busy executing the installation of a further two within the next couple of months.

ICR: Which of your solutions did you highlight for this year’s show?

DP: Our easy to use drPlayer Registration, which significantly reduces staffing requirements, and player registration time for draws and raffles; our drScreen Ultra, the widest player tracking interface in gaming today; along with our player friendly drScreen ‘on screen’ interface; and our world leading slots and tables jackpot technology drew the most interest from a widely spread global range of operators.

ICR: This year saw DRGT showcasing its selection of mystery and progressive jackpots, could you tell us more about this?

DP: Notwithstanding our core casino management system and its associated peripheral products, the extension of our product offering to include jackpots has been extremely successful.

In fact at present, our biggest single jackpot customer has our product installed on over 5,000 devices across approximately 100 venues.  

Despite providing the world’s largest number of jackpot configuration options, our willingness to tailor jackpots to operators, and their players’ needs, has without a doubt been the ‘backbone’ off which the company has enjoyed its rapid growth over the last four or five years.

Commercially we offer real value for money, and operationally we remain committed to providing easy to implement and execute solutions with almost zero downtime due to our serverless technology.

Jackpots seem to be a real part of the industry’s future, for now, with many operators relying on jackpots to not only rejuvenate their gaming floors, but to drive added interest in their entertainment offering too.

In fact, some operators have as much as 70 percent of their gaming floors operating with a jackpot in some form or another.

ICR: Where will the focus be for DRGT in 2018?

DP: We continue to focus our development and expanded offering on the player.

Players, or rather customer data collection, has always played a key role in not only casino management, but general retail or B2C management too.

What has defined the success of really good casino and retail operators is what they do with that data.

As a result, systems will become more and more integrated and have to become more and automated or intuitive.

As the general entertainment sector gets bigger and bigger, or rather wider and wider, operators all need to fight for their share of a customers time.

They need to do this by understanding the player/customer better, and showing them that they do, by providing the offers, events, and products that they like, when they like.

One only has to look at how Netflix has disrupted the movie and the television sector, or Uber the taxi market, to understand that consumers are becoming more and more demanding of tailored offers and solutions.

As systems service providers, we have to continue to provide operators with solutions that keep them at the forefront of meeting their players demands.

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