DRGT receives positive reception in Asia

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DRGT’s Head of Global Marketing, Duncan Pollock, explains that the company saw significant interest in its systems solutions and slots and tables jackpot technology during its second showing at G2E Asia.

International Casino Review: What did DR Gaming Technology hope to gain from attending G2E Asia?

Duncan Pollock: Our attendance at G2E Asia was driven by the fact that as a rapidly growing global supplier, who has enjoyed significant success over particularly the last five years in Europe, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean, the next logical step to our expansion was to literally ‘test the waters’ in the East, and what better place to do it than at the Asia-Pacific region’s premier gaming event.
2018 was only our second showing at G2E Asia following our initial attendance last year, and what we were hoping for was to further some existing relationships and obviously garner a few more, but most importantly we hoped to leverage the opportunity and the awareness around the show to raise our own profile and share our systems and jackpot success story with as many operators in the region as possible.

ICR: What was the response to DRGT’s range of systems solutions and slots and tables jackpot technology from attendees at the show?

DP: The response we received from visitors was extremely positive, and the number of prospects and opportunities that developed during the show exceeded our expectations.
What was most encouraging was that most visitors to the DRGT stand were interested in our core product: systems – particularly the marketing side of things. The information and reports we are able to provide offer operators a simple way to manage, track, classify and cluster players in any number of different ways in order to automatically then allocate them points bonuses, vouchers, free play, raffle tickets, show tickets, hotel discounts and any other rewards they see fit. Helping them to provide their players with the best possible experience – whether that be additional ‘time on device’, a simple ‘happy birthday’ message, or vouchers or draw tickets they can redeem at the device via our drScreen touchscreen technology.
Considering the Asia-Pacific region’s considerable bias towards Baccarat, we were pleasantly surprised by the interest in our BlackJack11s Tables Jackpot side-bet game. This simple, fast, and easy to learn game – for both players and dealers – was a significant draw and due to that ‘action’ on the stand, many operators were interested in the mechanics and flexibility offered by the product.
The fact that players could understand the game within a minute or two, and that it did not detract from the speed of the primary BlackJack game was a huge positive for operators and players alike. Furthermore, the ability to manage the Return to Player on the game, depending on what parameters operators wished to implement, was also a big plus.

ICR: DRGT also showcased its selection of mystery and progressive jackpots and its new drSelfRegistration player registration and raffle ticket redemption technology, could you tell us more about these?

DP: Well, whilst our focus ahead of G2E Asia was indeed on our world-leading array of Mystery, Standalone and Progressive Jackpots, and our new drSelfRegistration; our flexibility and ability to leverage technology to the benefit of operators and their players shone through.
Many operators were interested in the automated ability of drSelfRegistration to not only easily register players and provide them with a self-service facility to redeem rewards as well as raffle and draw tickets, but also the product’s ability to assist them in segmenting and targeting core groups of players based on the preferences and interests they selected when undertaking their self-registration.
drSelfRegistration not only provides players with a simple and easy to use interface, but once completed immediately provides operators with valuable insights into these players, affording them the opportunity to engage, communicate and reward their players with offers that interest them personally.
The general entertainment sector continues to grow and gaming ICR 188 G2EASIAREVIEW DRGT2operators, and other entertainment service providers, all compete for a share of a customer’s time. As a result, if operators are not able to place the best offer possible in front of a player at a time that he can practically utilise that offer, it is of no value. We believe our technology assists operators in managing their offers to players better, assisting them in gaining what we hope will be more than their fair share of a player’s time.
Our driving mantra is to always design products using the latest technology, offering operators the easiest and fastest ways possible to service and reward their players better.

ICR: Can you expand on your bonusing system, how it works, and how it’s managed?

DP: What our bonusing does is afford operators the ability to reward all players, or any segment of players at any time, and for any period of time with cash, loyalty points, free-play or any other form of reward.
Our new Charge Bonus is a good example of this. The feature now comes as standard, with any number of parameters that allows operators to reward players with free-play as they see fit. The simple and easy to use interface affords operators the ability to decide who gets rewarded with free-play, as well as how individual bonuses are issued, and then also provides the ability to select the way in which the free-play is redeemed, for example: only once the initial buy-in has been played, or perhaps only once the free-play has been played through five or 10 times.
The options are literally limitless. What is key though is that the operator is afforded the opportunity to easily reward players, and as a result enhance their playing experience.
With regards to the management of promotions, we now offer a single Promotions Overview report that provides operators with a single-view of all promotions, split across all reward options: cash, points, vouchers or free-play.
Often reporting and promotion tools only allow operators the ability to assess the performance and history of individual promotions, but our Promotions Overview report now affords operators the ability to see all, some, or individual promotion performance data segmented across specific players, groups of players, banks of machines, an entire casino floor or an entire casino estate.
The value in this is immense, and the ‘dashboard’ report provided by Promotions Overview really does give operators at a local, regional or Head Office level a simple quick and easy snapshot of what is presently being offered to players in terms of rewards.

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