e-gaming highlights online success

e-gaming highlights online success

The company has integrated five new platforms in the past six months and reports it has applied for online licences in several new jurisdictions. These are busy times for e-gaming.


During the coronavirus pandemic, e-gaming has taken the opportunity to improve its game content, develop new titles and expand its presence in a number of online gaming markets, including Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Mexico.

The company has already seen success in various land-based markets, however an increasing number of players have discovered e-gaming’s popular titles online, prompting the firm to obtain online approvals for several new jurisdictions.

“We integrated five new platforms in the past six months and demand for our game content is increasing all the time,” e-gaming stated.

Amid to the pandemic, global gaming operations were closed for several months, however European gaming markets opened after around three months and business on the Continent is gradually resuming.

Reopening has taken longer in Latin America, but e-gaming reports that after several weeks of operations it has seen a good increase in active players and business growth.

“This crisis has underlined the importance of having good game content for online casinos,” the company said. “Additionally, given the threat of a second wave of COVID-19, it is not easy to estimate how the land-based sector will be affected globally. Given this, our strategy is to simultaneously develop both land-based and online versions of our new games.

“Most of our popular land-based titles are already present on various online casinos and we are also in the process of adapting all of our existing games for the online market.”

Nevertheless, e-gaming affirmed it remains positive that “even if we face a second wave, in time, the land-based business will pick up again and return back to pre-COVID levels”.

“The COVID crisis has been a challenging time for our industry: our customers, friends and colleagues but we hope that all of them have managed to come safely through this difficult period and we can go forward together,” the firm added.