EGT Interactive launches new iGaming roulette experience.

egt interactive roulette
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EGT Interactive has launched its new iGaming roulette experience, Dynamic Paytable Roulette, for desktop and mobile.

Announcing the launch of Dynamic Paytable Roulette, EGT Interactive commented:

“During these hard times, we #stayhome to #savelives but continue to deliver high-quality products and services to you, our partners.

“This March, just in early spring, EGT Interactive will present you with a brand new experience in one of its products.

“Dynamic Paytable Roulette gives the opportunity to increase the payouts of your bets with its unique concept.

“This is something new and fascinating in the table games category. The base rules of the European Roulette remain unchanged with all the standard bets available; however, the Dynamic Paytable feature allows players to choose an additional coefficient multiplier called “magic numbers.”

“After all player bets are accepted, the Magic Numbers (it could be 2 to 10) and multiplier are triggered and providing all users with the opportunity of playing classic Roulette but with more significant payouts. It is defined based on the selected Paytable.

A four-level of Mystery jackpot cards is featured too.

One of a kind: Launching such feature for the first time on the market

Creating even more thrill and maximizing the gaming spirit: players are further motivated to bet because of the appealing “magic” numbers

Excitement and dynamics: combining the classics with the excitement of the dynamic payout experience. By adding another level of “playing” within the traditional Roulette

Simple: users can quickly get familiar with the rules of the feature, as they are effortless, but at the same time attractive

Real experience: with slow-motion Roulette wheel: By the end of the spin, the wheel is slowing down gradually. Thus the experience of the player is similar to the one in the land-based casino


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