Buoyant EGT Interactive look to the future at ICE

EGT ICE London Todor Zahariev

Todor Zahariev, Managing Director, EGT Interactive, reflects on a successful 2017 and provides a glimpse of what attendees can expect from the company at ICE London


As we reach the end of the year, what have been the highlights of 2017 for the company?

It has been a great year. We have achieved stable growth in the portfolio and we’ve got happy customers – both existing and new. We took part in the biggest casino technology exhibitions where we’ve held a lot of meetings and discussions. And we definitely feel the greater interest in our games and business decisions. The effort and investment of time have been worthwhile. We deliver some of the best quality products and solutions in the category. And people appreciate it by seeing and using their potential.

EGT has a strong reputation in the land-based casino sector, how do you transfer the skills developed in land-based to the world of online video slots? Do you use the same games development teams?

Well, having strong fundamentals from the land-based casino games, with proven success is a great advantage in the process of developing online casino propositions. Thus, we have the ability to be faster, to avoid all the issues beforehand, but also to give this added value, which you can find in the online games. I mean the quality, speed and the ease with which it is played. In terms of teams, we have independent teams, because the process and techniques are different. But the collaboration is a must.

On your website you make reference to adopting a consumer-centric approach, how do you ensure that you keep in touch with the needs of consumers?

Since, we deliver B2B solutions, we keep in touch with our partners – casino operators – and discuss and improve our solutions all the time. Of course we follow the info from the free websites and our profits in general.

Do you think the industry does enough to provide players with value for money entertainment and can you explain your Return-to-Player strategy? 

VFM strategy is not always the right choice. You have to provide a variety of services, because of the variety of clients. But for sure value for money is a good one. Our Return-to-Player strategy is not a single thing. It’s mixture of the product within. You cannot bet on only one single advantage to have a strong and competitively successful online video slot. You have to be versatile in terms of the game engine, visual graphics and smoothness, mathematics etc.

For many observers ICE is the most important gaming expo in the world; How much importance do you place on ICE and can you provide some clues as to what you will be showing in London in February?

As you said it, this is the most important exhibition in our industry. We have a strong presence since the beginning with the land based systems and for seven consecutive years with the online solutions. And you’ll see we put a lot of efforts there. One of the things that we’ll provide is a new brand identity and corporate vision, which we have already started under the slogan ‘We Make People Play.’ On the other hand, I would extend to the market is come and see us at ICE as we’ll have a lot of new online casino propositions. It will be worth it.