EGT Interactive have ‘stand-out’ credentials

EGT Sales Director, Elena Naumova
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Transferring 15 years experience in land-based gaming to the online space is ensuring that EGT Interactive continue to stand out from the crowd – argues the company’s Sales Director, Elena Naumova.


How would you summarise EGT Interactive’s USPs to visitors preparing to attend ICE London?

As EGT Interactive crafts really advanced online gaming software and solutions that power some of the world’s top casino operators, we can say that some of our unique selling propositions are actually within the proven products. In terms of engine, attractive RTP, high execution quality of the video slots and the Mystery Jackpot feature. All of these build our strong base of dedicated players, retain them in the game for longer periods and attract new players.

How quickly can an operator go live with EGT Interactive?

As integration is a two way process, it’s impossible to provide a specific timeline. On our part integration can start as soon as we have agreed upon the commercial terms and an agreement is signed. We have well-developed API protocols for one-time seamless integration and a great team of dedicated account managers and experienced technical professionals assisting operators on each step of the integration process. Our fastest integration process so far took less than two weeks. On the other hand, there are a number of platforms that we are already integrated with, meaning that every single operator using that specific platform can receive immediate access to our video casino games.

EGT has expanded into a number of European territories in 2017. What are the dominant trends in Balkan iGaming and how do these differ from central and Southern Europe markets?

iGaming in the Balkans is highly influenced by traditional land-based gambling which has long established roots in the region. Most of the players in the Balkans are fond of traditional and classical slots while Western Europe is more willing to explore new trends in video casino games.

Mobile gaming is one of the fastest moving sectors something reflected in its growing presence at ICE London: how do you see this sector progressing in 2018 and what differentiates mobile players from those who prefer traditional land-based casinos?

This is a trend which is valid not only for the iGaming industry. In the current busy everyday life, people prefer to be free from any constraints, trying to do everything on the go. Mobile players have the freedom to play anytime and anywhere and some of them probably prefer the privacy of the online network. Land – based casinos are for those who wish to socialize, to have fun in their spare time. Moving with the trend, we also make sure that we provide all of our games for Desktop as well as for Mobile.

You provide transaction and security technology alongside your gaming portfolio; how do you see demand increasing for this as technology advances across the industry?

Our company policy is extremely strict when it comes to the security of the players. Our aim is to provide not only premium gaming solutions, but also a safe gaming environment for our players. The demand for this technology will grow with the development of the industry and that is why we are always striving to stay in line with the new trends in the field.

The EGT Interactive portfolio includes video slots, roulettes, video pokers, keno and new games in development. Where do you see the dominant areas for growth in 2018?

The video slots give the possibility for creativity in a variety of themes and stories while the roulettes, video pokers and keno games are sticking more or less to standard, pre-defined forms. Since there are different types of players – for example those that prefer skill-based games while others lean towards the stress-free experience of video slots, for us it is important to keep up with the trend of homogenisation within the industry and offer players a diversity of online casino games that they can enjoy. That is why we give equal importance to all our types of video games in our portfolio, releasing at least two new titles each month.

In your opinion what are the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the sector in 2018?

Legislation – the sector is experiencing an absence of legislation in a number of countries world-wide, thereby giving the opportunity for the grey sector to thrive. Legislation is important not only for the safety of the providers and operators but also for the security of the players. When the whole process is strictly regulated from the regulators, we as providers, are certain that we are operating legally. Operators on the other hand are also certain in their marketing and operational processes and the players are safe and protected by the law. At the moment we hold licenses in Bulgaria, Malta, Curacao and Romania and our games are certified for a number of European countries including Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Belgium and Serbia with ongoing licensing procedures in Italy, Columbia, Spain and the UK.

Another big challenge is for providers to stay true to their principles and keep ahead of the growing competition. With the enlargement of markets many providers strive to fulfil the various desires and preferences of millions of players. Transferring 15 years of experience of EGT’s (Euro Games Technology’s) in land-based casino games into the world of iGaming makes EGT Interactive’s portfolio of online casino games notable for its original look and traditional characteristics and is exactly what differentiates us from the competition.

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