EGT Multiplayer delivers myriad options through hybrid machine focus

EGT Multiplayer Borislav Marinov
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Hybrid gaming options were the key draw for EGT Multiplayer at ICE
this year, with director of sales and marketing Borislav Marinov
highlighting just which products will continue to boost the firm’s
expanding global reach.


EGT Multiplayer brought a wide selection of products to this year’s ICE, reinforcing the company strategy that carefully developed hybrid solutions are key to driving growth in multiple jurisdictions.

With the Bulgarian gaming software developer already reaping the benefits of prioritising multiple play options, director of sales and marketing Borislav Marinov guided Casino Review through the brand new additions to the company portfolio.

“The key focus this year for us was to provide to the customers hybrid products that attract attention, especially from the younger audience,” said Marinov.

“With the new generation of cabinets like the multiplay table TR27/57, we aim to give different options for the operators to acquire new clients. This type of gaming machine can deliver hours of excitement to the players.”

The “futuristic” TR27/57 combines slot and live, automated, or ETG table games, and was showcased alongside EGT Live Tables for Roulette and Baccarat, able to be played from 250 terminals simultaneously.

“So far, our primary market target is the Asian one, and we’ve worked hard to create these two excellent products that cover the expectations and traditions for this type of games. By the feedback that we received at the expo from the visitors, we’ve managed to achieve our goal.”

However it was the two new highlights from the RLine series, the R27 and R32, that impressed visitors the most, with their adjustable angle touch HD monitors and ability to be arranged into multiple configurations.

“The new R-line cabinets were definitely the spotlight at our booth at the ICE show,” said Marinov, adding the units were “well received” from all visitors.

“We were also excited to show for the first time two new multi-games. The Multiplay HD 1 allows the player to be playing on up to four different games simultaneously, while the Royal HD multi-game has no lobby, providing the player with fast access to all 47 games while playing the current one.”

The success of this year’s appearance follows a turning point in EGT Multiplayer’s approach, ensuring versatility of operation for a vast variety of markets drove development, as opposed to slavishly following trends.

“We realise how important it is for us to have a wider variety of solutions that we can offer to the operators. With the new decade, we set a new trend for ourselves. It is all about highly effective hybrid casino solutions and excellent customer experience.”

“Multiplayer markets are fast-paced, growing markets. Every region has its specifics, and in some areas, multiplayers are getting even more popular than the traditional slot games. Of course, not everywhere this is the case, but those types of machines/games are growing in popularity and are gathering more attention among both players and operators.”

That focus on appealing to a wide customer base is clearly paying off, with EGT Multiplayer witnessing significant growth in new markets thanks to its responsive development process.

“So far, we are quite confident in our growing presence in Asia. EGT Multiplayer is already well known in some parts of this continent which we accomplished in a short period of time.” “In less than two years, we’ve managed to displaceable established world leader competitors.”

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