EMIRAT to bring 2020 vision to ICE Africa & BoS

EMIRAT AG Frank Herold ICE Africa 2020 Sports

With the approach of major sport events such as UEFA and Euro 2020 alongside new developments in sports betting and lottery across international markets, EMIRAT AG foresees a jackpot year ahead for the industry. As the company prepares for both ICE Africa and Betting on Sports in Q4, Frank Herold, Business Development Director, highlights why EMIRAT’s global connections and 15 years experience means they’ve got the future covered…

“In 2020, sport will again be a huge focus for the media,” explained Herold. “We will hear a lot about EURO 2020, eSports, eGaming and ‘new innovations’, but don’t underestimate the hidden champions who aren’t in the spotlight. At EMIRAT AG that’s exactly where we’ll be looking, at the major sports events and the new, exciting ones in emerging markets yet to be discovered.”

As the world’s leading risk management specialist, EMIRAT AG is keen to prepare for next year’s sport surge by promoting new solutions and partnerships at two major industry events this Autumn, September’s Betting on Sports (BoS) and ICE Africa in October. “Our focus is to set up a profitable business for our existing clients in Q4 and to grow in several countries where legal requirements had changed in the last months,” Herold said. “The sports betting and lottery markets will produce many more successful business ideas in coming months and that’s what EMIRAT will support. What we’re seeing is an increasing demand for trusted games so backing these with a strong customer focus allows them to be successful from the beginning. As we approach 2020, the industry is constantly changing. That’s why experience, trust and a good individual consultation are the key and will allow us to continue to have a strong focus on several growing markets, not only in the UK, US and Africa.”

The company’s event strategy supports a sustained focus on new developments in sports betting especially in terms of new markets like USA and Africa. Commenting on how EMIRAT AG’s 15 years of experience can help with the challenges inherent in establishing a foothold, Herold stated: “We know how to start business from scratch if regulatory requirements change. In the US for example, it all differs from state to state. So we are not only in contact with local regulatory commissions but we also assist each client with their very specific needs. The most important tool for success is to go step by step with each client’s needs as you cannot just roll out existing business into new markets.”

Together with its partner RNG WorldWide, EMIRAT has developed a number of innovative, new approaches to attract more players for clients and operators which it is set to deliver to the industry at both events. “Our approach for BoS, ICE Africa and other events, such as in the Nordics, is to be specific as we know what clients expect and how different markets run. Following our exhibit at last year’s ICE Africa we are very excited to return in October to continue our business plans and meet clients in person. In terms of driving our new solutions, networking events like these are vital to how we continue to develop as a brand across new markets.”

EMIRAT AG’s Andrea Bargholz stated last year that ‘Lotteries will be one of the core building blocks of the African gaming industry’, a prediction which is validated by the sector’s continued growth and its greater presence at this year’s ICE Africa. Concurring with the statement, Herold said: “Just have a look at the last 12 months. We had many positive and fruitful discussions with lottery regulatory commissions and operators all over Africa not just the South. The key change is we now talk about lotteries in many countries in East and West Africa and have already started business there. Lottery operators in these regions are very quick to start their business – land based and mobile of course.”

“The mobile penetration is really impressive in several African countries,” he continued. “For that reason mobile seems to be the easiest way to grow quickly for new online lotteries, if operators have a national approach. However, land-based lottery is also big business as there are big metropolitan areas with millions of people. Last year at ICE Africa we had the chance to see these land based lottery machines in Johannesburg and were impressed with the success and player retention. As the world’s leading jackpot insurer, we know the most important thing for operators is trust. That’s why they work with us to make sure that if there is a winner we will payout quickly for their clients no matter the size of the prize.”

With gaming growth across new regions like Nigeria and Botswana, EMIRAT AG are keen to continue standing out from the crowd in both emerging markets where they can bring their understanding of regulations to assist new operators, as well as regions where they already have a strong foothold. “Nigeria and Botswana are good examples for a changing legal environment as that’s the ideal base to start a sustainable business. At ICE Africa we are keen to work with people from these countries and also talk about new games and next steps with our clients from established markets like South Africa. Our partnership with RNG WorldWide also helps a lot here as we can offer individual, additional games on top of already existing business. Why not add a lottery for free to subscription business in order to push inactive subscribers or attract new ones? Our core business maybe focused on covering a large number of prize and redemption risks but our expertise doesn’t just stop purely at risk removal, there are always additional games and offers to think about whatever the market. With EMIRAT AG as your partner, if you have a winner – we’ve got the jackpot covered!”