EMIRAT AG prioritises protection with global technology patent application for RNG WorldWide

EMIRAT AG RNG Worldwide patent
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Following a landmark partnership with RNG WorldWide in 2018, EMIRAT AG has doubled down on its goal for enhanced integrity and security in lottery with a recent patent application from the WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization for RNG’s fully certified API solution.


The certificate of registration of union trademark for RNG WorldWide, issued by the European Union Intellectual Property Office, is set to establish a new level of risk management and ease of play in the lotteries which EMIRAT AG, the world’s leading jackpot insurer, covers internationally across the 152 contracting member states.

EMIRAT AG’s Union trademark has been registered providing the technology with complete protection in the EU for the trademark RNG WorldWide enhancing the initial success of the partnership and its double layer of security for players and operators alike. Discussing the possibilities inherent in the patent application and certificate of registration, Taimi Despoti at EMIRAT AG, explained: “Our primary aim when filing these applications, of course, is to have the sole right of this invention. However, there is also significance in using it for marketing purposes too. With the patent application, the inventor is granted a right to exclude others from copying, making, using, changing and distributing the invention for the specified period of protection. This exclusion buys time for a business to build its competitive edge. We filed the patent application internationally. For now it’s pending by the WIPO. That means, that for now we have provisional protection in 152 contracting member states.”

The new patent application also helps develop EMIRAT AG’s existing responsible gaming infrastructure through the Random Number Generator (RNG). Commenting on the enhanced risk management capabilities, Taimi Despoti said: “Risk Management is one of the core elements of this technology. At EMIRAT AG, we do our utmost to ensure that our customers are not exposed to any risk. Due to our partnership with RNG WorldWide, we have taken the next step in security. That’s why it was important for us to have the RNG WorldWide brand protected to support the credibility of the brand. Due to the fact that generating numbers with RNG is an absolute condition to become insured by EMIRAT and additionally can guarantee the security, we demonstrate responsibility towards our customers and prospects and therefore have a competitive advantage. It’s a very easy handling for both parties and our clients have the guarantee, that there is no manipulation.”

As the leading specialist for removing financial risk from operators offering high jackpots, EMIRAT AG’s main utilisation of RNG WorldWide is lottery section and in particular the flexible time setting for draws. However, the patent application is due to help them continue into other game types through enhanced security and efficiency across new markets. Taimi Despoti continued: “We are excited about the potential for using RNG WorldWide in areas such as Slot Games, Scratch cards, etc. One of the clear benefits of RNG is, we can install it for self-created game types to meet the specific needs of our client because, there is absolutely no possibility of manipulation.”

Following successful demonstrations of the RNG Worldwide solution at international trade shows, EMIRAT AG is set to showcase the patent application at this year’s ICE North America in Boston. “We see the ICE North America as a great opportunity to attract attention for the first time in the American market whilst achieving a stronger position over the competition with the partnership. There is no other Lottery Insurance offering such a partnership so accordingly, we have great opportunities to present our service portfolio in such a large country. America is not called the country of unlimited opportunities without reason and hopefully, we can forge more partnerships and find new ways to give our customers even more security in this exciting new market!”

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