Playing the odds: How the thrill of EMIRAT AG’s marketing games are spreading the risk in global gaming

With North America, Africa and Latin America all primed to open new doors for sports betting, lotteries and the multitude of possibilities which come with them, the importance of providing new, exciting and intuitive ways to engage customers and minimise risk are at the forefront of international operators minds. Not content with providing world-leading risk management cover for some of the largest lottery jackpots across the globe, EMIRAT AG is primed to answer the industry’s call with a wide range of bespoke, marketing promotions which are providing a win/win situation for operators and proving once and for all, the risk can be calculated.


The Munich-based company, which has been an established risk management specialist within the gaming industry for 15 years, has underlined its commitment to meeting whatever demands its clients desire with a continued drive in prediction, prize and redemption coverage marketing campaigns which the company’s COO, Andrea Bargholz, believes are what “differentiates EMIRAT AG from other major insurers to the gaming industry.”

Bargholz explained: “We’ve been active in the gaming industry for over a decade now and alongside our insurance services, we have been steadily building additional solutions to enhance financial security, long term customer investment and, most importantly, bring fun, fresh and innovative promotions to the industry. The campaigns we develop are quite literally restricted only by the imaginations of our operators and the individual desires of their customers. EMIRAT AG’s suite of ideas range from prediction betting games on College Basketball or weather results, to redemption coverage promotions, right through to prize coverage games across golf, football, hockey and almost every activity which has ever been found on a provider’s sportsbook.”

“The benefit of investing in a coverage campaign is twofold, perception and memory,” she added. “We’ve found over the years that any kind of raffle or promotion will improve the perception of your company’s advert messages and increase visibility of your prize and with exceptional prizes you stick in a customer’s memory for longer. For example some of our previous prize coverage contests offer prizes, like the Hole-in-One Gold challenge where winners could win 1kg of gold, which subsequently become a versatile advertisement for increasing brand awareness and market reach as well as for boosting sales. This type of engagement increase for a brand can also be seen in our previous redemption and prediction coverage campaigns which have produced huge successes for lottery and sportsbook operators via popular drives like couponing, money back guarantees, discounts or point collecting.”

EMIRAT AG E-VAULT Glass Safe marketing game
E-VAULT Glass Safe

In addition to the bespoke, prize coverage games, EMIRAT AG has also devised and created its own unique technology, the EVAULT Glass Safe, which has proven a hit with companies at international gaming events increasing a particular game or brand’s visibility and engagement. The safe sees participants try to guess the correct combination to win a Porsche Panamera, BMW or similar prestigious prize.

Bargholz explained: “It’s all about giving the customer what they want and ensuring our promotions tie in with our wider company ethos of meeting any demand which comes from the market. With the Porsche we offered a wide range of options for the winner to ensure the prize was right for them, meaning they can choose the colour, the accessories, or if they wanted to have the cash equivalent of the car instead of the Porsche itself. We follow the industry in terms of what it wants and needs, whether its hole-in-one challenges at a golf tournament, simple packaging promotions or extensive campaigns across POS, TV and social media, EMIRAT AG has got the ideas and the insurance to make any provider stand out from their competitors.”




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