Eurocoin to provide a view of the future with 40+ technology products at ICE

Garry Holland Eurocoin ICE products
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Eurocoin, which has been at the forefront of gaming’s technology and system requirements for more than four decades, will be at ICE London, the gaming industry’s biggest technology event, with more than 40 products, of which six will be making their industry debuts.


Widely respected not only as a distribution company, but also as a service business and a machine operations specialist, Eurocoin prides itself on being at the vanguard of gaming’s adoption of new technologies. Garry Holland, Eurocoin’s Technical Sales Director confirmed: “Our company aim is not just to provide the support for new technologies but to lead the way.” He added: “We take feedback from the Eurocoin European sales teams who work closely with our OEM customers and develop new products and systems via our OEM office in London, our systems office in Bath UK and from our manufacturing partners based throughout the world. In that respect we take a pro-active stance on technology and are leaders not followers, which is what our customers expect.”

Highlighting some of the key technology driven products that will be impacting the industry, Garry Holland identified Card Readers, Imaging Units (Barcode Scanners) and Screens – all of which are part of the comprehensive offering ICE visitors will be able to explore and discuss with Eurocoin’s international team on stand N2-322. “Card Readers will really start to come into their own with the increased emphasis on social responsibility and player protection” he stated. “Loyalty and player protection systems will start to move hand-in-hand over the next few years with card readers being installed on an increasing number of machines. Getting the player to engage with a machine using the card will ID the customer and could be used to trigger preconfigured loss/time limits as part of a player protection scheme. The data could also be used to ID customers who are at risk and provide the prompts for intervention. Equally, the same card can also run reward and loyalty systems thereby enhancing the customer experience, so it’s a very versatile piece of kit which provides dual solutions in terms of player protection and improved visitor benefits.”

As players become accustomed to the huge strides in the affordability of consumer electronics, it is incumbent for gaming operators to deliver an enhanced in-venue experience, most notably in the size, quality and configuration of screens. According to Holland screens will continue to get bigger and bigger with ever more variations in shape.”43-inch curved screens have now been deployed in over 100,000 machines around the world but as manufacturing techniques have improved it is now possible to deliver more complicated shapes that are affordable” he said. “2018 will see the arrival of curved screens up to 65” in size; however, it’s not the end for flat TFT displays with dual 27” and 32” landscape-aspect displays providing a contemporary feel, plus single 43” flat encased units delivering a cost-effective ‘Wow!’ factor for players.”

One of Eurocoin’s predictions for 2018 relates to the use of imaging units (barcode scanners) alongside mobile phones. “2017 started with large scale deployments of phone charging points onto machines, so why not allow the phone to link with the machine?” questioned Holland. “Whilst having direct communication could open security issues, the integration via a barcode would allow promotions and game enhancements to be sent direct to the customer. Imaging units optimised to read mobile phone screens could then be installed to allow the interaction.”

“Naturally we will be using ICE to showcase the 40+ products that we will have on stand N2-322, but the opportunity offered by the world’s biggest gathering of the international gaming industry goes beyond that. The conversations we will be having in London will be about the future and how Eurocoin can use its knowledge, its insight and its passion for both the gaming industry and for new technology to give our customers a real competitive advantage.”

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