EveryMatrix’s API bet pays off as CasinoEngine remains platform of choice for industry

Stian Hornsletten, CasinoEngine EveryMatrix co-founder
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The credentials of the number one casino integration and productivity platform from EveryMatrix, CasinoEngine, have been underlined by the company’s sustained signing of new casino partnerships and game vendors for the solution including 46 new companies in the last 18 months. Stian Hornsletten, CasinoEngine CEO and EveryMatrix co-founder, explains the platform’s popularity with large nationwide operations and innovative startups alike and how its responsible gambling focus is set to be a hit across Italy, Spain,Sweden and beyond…

How has CasinoEngine benefited your business so far and in what way do you plan to further develop the product?

We witnessed first-hand how many operators struggled in their efforts to offer players’ personalized experiences, mainly due to their platforms’ technical or operational limitations to quickly react to market changes, responsible gaming requirements or players demands.

CasinoEngine is much more than just an integration layer and our overall vision is to create value-added services around aggregation and generate maximum value from each player. The combination of tools, services and deep integration is what makes up the product. Improving operational efficiency while offering endless possibilities in term of player experience, is exactly what CasinoEngine is offering to its clients.

With over 30 new casino clients launched in the past 18 months, including very large operations like the Norwegian state monopoly Norsk Tipping or Tipico to newer and highly successful operators like Wunderino, CasinoEngine is processing one billion in-game rounds per month, seeing over 250% YoY GGR growth.

How is CasinoEngine driving scalability and performance?

It is the number one casino integration and productivity platform helping operators differentiate through increased game options and ease of operation. Moreover, CasinoEngine gives access to the largest selection of games in the entire industry. Through one integration we are offering over 8,000 games across 140 vendors and sub-vendors to date.

All these services are possible thanks to an API Driven and modular platform architecture. Developing API-driven products was a bet EveryMatrix made years ago when we decided to split up our core applications in an effort to shift away from the “boxed” platform ecosystem to specialized and platform independent products. For our casino unit, this translates today in faster management of the vendor integrations, and better management overall of various product features, from lobby or reporting to wallets and players.

In terms of scalability, all web applications, servers and databases are horizontally scalable. New server nodes can be added or removed on the fly without any problems using load balancers to switch nodes on/off. The platform currently supports a load of 125 transactions per second per deployed application node. When the traffic increases more machines can be added to handle the extra load.

CasinoEngine allows operators to create a multitude of lobbies, how does this ‘build-your-own-universe’ approach set EveryMatrix apart in 2019 and do you have plans to take this personalisation to the next level?

Since casino operators are catering to several different player groups in various jurisdictions, providing the most relevant content is both necessary and decisive for success. CasinoEngine provides a powerful Lobby Management tool to help operators reach their desired audience with little efforts. Operators have the ability to build lobbies for RNG games, live dealer tables on web and mobile, VIP lobbies, and moreover, they have the ability to create different demographic categories or change the order of the games in a way that suits their strategy best.

One development we’ll be making in 2019 is to improve our game performance scoring. We want to be able to compare games like-for-like to understand their net value to the operator. In the future, our aim is to drive this with AI, so you can automatically re-design lobbies based on players, markets and demographics. Of course, it also depends on any placement deals you have with vendors. Solutions such as this can significantly improve the player experience and lifetime value, and with that make the operators more efficient and fruitful.

CasinoEngine has signed deals with a number of high-profile gaming providers recently (Blueprint, GiG, BF Games, etc.) how will you be continuing this strategy throughout the next year?

In the last two quarters of 2018, we added 16 new game vendors. Our content library is continuously growing as our search for premium and engaging content is an ongoing effort. To this end, we’ve assembled a dedicated team which fully concentrates on researching the market and bringing on board popular titles from both established and emerging gaming vendors. We have several deals yet to be announced and we are looking forward to building even more successful partnerships in 2019.

As a consequence of our dedication to quickly launch new content providers, we are able to swiftly facilitate clients’ access to additional regulated markets on top of their constantly renewed games offering.

Offering a mix of local and global vendors with all responsible gaming features handled by us, CasinoEngine is the single stop for the increasingly attractive opportunities offered by newly regulated gaming markets such as Spain, Sweden, or Italy.

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