Extremadura Socialist Party throw backing behind future resort


The Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) has lent its backing to a new bill which would allow the creation of integrated resorts in the Southwestern autonomous community of Extremadura.

The proposal would create a legal framework which would allow for the construction of large tourist resort complexes, which could include casinos, bingo halls and slot parlours.
If the bill finds support from the State Council then it could potentially be put to the full house for a vote within the next month.
The new initiative, supported by the PSOE, comes as part of a plan to attract investment to the area, at a time when the government is facing a E300m shortfall in state finances.
The president of the regional council, Guillermo Fernández Vara, declared his support for the project, criticising those parties opposed to the proposal for their “old-fashion vision and lack of knowledge about the way the world is heading”.
“[The region] has the chance to develop some important business projects,” he stated. “One can’t plan for the future while maintaining a 20th century perspective, we have some very important opportunities which are knocking at the doors of Extremadura.”