EZ Modulo: speeding up to EAE 2018

Ez Modulo
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Bulgarian manufacturer Casino Technology are stepping up their hyper-localised slot efforts for the Romanian market, with a brand new game package – Speed King – ready to demo on its popular line of EZ Modulo cabinets.

Casino Technology’s hit series of contemporary slot machines EZ Modulo will be in the spotlight at the company’s stand at this year’s Entertainment Arena Expo in Bucharest.

Targeted to regional operator needs, the product line will be presented in Romania with two full HD 27-inch touch-screen monitors, as well as an (optional) 21.5- inch topper on most display cabinets.

Once again aimed specifically at regional market requirements, EZ Modulo will be showcased with the Speed King game suite – which boasts 60 titles.

“There’s an arresting, contemporary aesthetic to this cabinet which really captures the player’s attention,” remarked Valentina Dobre, Casino Technology’s general manager, Romania.

“It brings true diversity to an operator’s location and thus delivers them better results.”

During the show, the company also plans to release a new game mix localised for the Romanian market. The game package is the latest addition to the successful Tower series and is launched under the branding Tower 104. Consisting of compelling 40 titles, the mix will demonstrate on the Tower slant-top cabinet, which distinguishes itself by way of a 43-inch, horizontally-curved monitor boasting 4k resolution.

“As has come to be expected of us, during EAE we plan to showcase a wide variety of options for operators,” Dobre added. “We think our products can increase their bottom line to open new horizons for them, providing excellent opportunities in the years ahead.”

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