FashionTV Diamond Lounge ‘brings together the real and virtual worlds’

Gianfranco Scordato FashionTV Gaming Group
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Gianfranco Scordato, Co-Founder and CEO of FashionTV Diamond Lounge and Aviva Baner, Head of Media, at FashionTV Gaming Group discuss the company’s latest live casino venture, FashionTV Diamond Lounge, which converts land-based casinos into FashionTV casinos, offering players access to an exclusive casino lounge.


Casino Review: FashionTV Gaming Group is increasingly polarising the attention in the industry. Tell us a bit more about the recently launched FashionTV Diamond Lounge.

Gianfranco Scordato: The ‘FashionTV Diamond Lounge’ is one of the latest ventures in FashionTV Gaming Group’s portfolio and fully embodies the Group’s ethos of wanting to bring together real and virtual worlds to offer real convergence. FashionTV Diamond Lounge is a great example of this. This exclusive casino lounge will offer a hybrid approach to casino, allowing players to physically access the area through a land-based casino, whilst offering an extension of this experience to players online by means of a real-time streaming system that’s backed by a reputable casino.

Imagine walking into a land-based Fashion TV casino, being welcomed into an exclusive area such as the FashionTV Diamond Lounge and invited to play in a premium FashionTV lifestyle setting. It’s a dream come true, you’ve got a catwalk, FashionTV models, dazzling graphics and a general feel of glamour and fashion.

Decide to head back? Pick up just where you finished off when you get home allowing you to take the razzle dazzle of the real-life experience and convert that into a superior online gaming experience.

Live Casino is one of the newer fast-growing segments of online gaming that’s consistently increasing in popularity. Players enjoy the interaction amongst other players and live casino dealers, while offering peace of mind in knowing that you’re playing at a casino you know and trust.

By taking an already established and reputable land-based casino, and adding a touch of FashionTV excellence, we’re able to provide an identity that extends itself across both the real and virtual worlds offering increased value to our players and partners.

CR: How do you think the online gaming market is changing in terms of trends and developments? And how is FashionTV Diamond Lounge addressing this?

GS: The market isn’t what it used to be, and today venturing into a start-up generally results in facing enormous investments which at times can be unattainable, especially when it comes to marketing.

Being part of this incredible franchise means that operators and suppliers like ourselves are able to capitalise on the global reach and power of the FashionTV mega brand, while significantly reducing the high marketing costs incurred when launching a new online gaming operation or branded game to the market.

Going back to FashionTV Diamond Lounge for instance, we’ve already seen trends of players shifting from RNG and studio games to live casino products. Playing at a reputable land-based casino offers players the additional peace of mind knowing that their casino is one that’s established, licenced and trustworthy.

CR: You previously mentioned FashionTV Gaming Group, could you tell us a little more about this?

Aviva Baner: FashionTV Gaming Group holds the global exclusive license to utilise FashionTV brand for all online gaming activities. Backed by FashionTV and its giant network, the Group aims to bridge the gap between the real world of luxury, fashion and events and the virtual one of online gaming.

Over the last four months, FashionTV Gaming Group has been taking the industry by storm, holding a series of glamorous launches around the world while introducing its unique concept across Europe, India, Africa, Asia and beyond. By doing so, FashionTV Gaming Group has been the first world mover to bridge the real world of high fashion and glamour with the virtual world of online gaming. By drawing on extensive FashionTV archives and countless storylines, FashionTV Gaming Group presents new generation of branded online gaming verticals through a series of slots, arcade, table games, sports and more, as well as Live Casino games and Live Dealers amongst others.

By applying a unique B2B sublicensing model for the powerful FashionTV brand and its vision, FashionTV Gaming Group allows software providers and suppliers around the world to build and run their own FashionTV branded gaming products via sublicensing model; including developing FashionTV branded games and websites, as well as rolling out a series of branded casinos, live dealers, sports betting sites, bingo, lotto, and other gaming verticals.

CR: Looking forward, what will you be focusing on for the coming year?

GS: As far as FashionTV Diamond Lounge goes these are still early days and we’re currently working on setting the tone for the glamorous future ahead of us in the next couple of months. This will include securing deals with top providers as well as liaising with excellent designers to really give us that ‘Made in Italy’ feel. We can’t wait to share more with you shortly.

AB: In terms of FashionTV Gaming Group the future is bright! We’ve recently launched our FashionTV Gaming World during the first ever Miss FashionTV Gaming Awards 2019 in Malta and that’s just the very beginning. It’s more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle and we look forward to sharing it with the world. Players and affiliates are rewarded for their participation and Loyalty with exclusive prizes, FashionTV branded goods and tickets to some of the most exclusive parties around and so much more; it’s really something else.

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