Flexible solutions from BetInvest Ltd. capable of integrating with any third-party online platform

BetInvest Sport Widget integration
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With over 20 years of expertise in the gambling industry, BetInvest Ltd. stands ready to help businesses enter the online market or expand their existing operations with its customisable sports betting solutions, including the Sportsbook Widget and its exclusive Quick Sports and eGames services.


In 2021 the sports betting business has swiftly returned to a new form of normality, and with that, BetInvest Ltd. has ramped up both its product development and content services in order to stay ahead of the market.

Last year’s events have expedited the progress that was already being made in key areas of the sports betting industry, for example, the expansion and growth of retail to online. Many businesses that solely operated through retail outlets have looked to build and leverage an online presence, and those that were already online have expanded their product offerings.

BetInvest Ltd. provides sector-wide programming, up-to-date functionalities, and streamlined, end-to-end software development, as well as the complete sports betting content package and the world-class trading services, be it the odds, risk management, or the data. With over 20 years of expertise in the gambling industry, a team of 350 certified IT experts get businesses over the finish line with customised sports betting solutions, designed to address the needs of a specific company.

“The products we offer can play a different role based on the customer’s profile. Whether they are launching a sportsbook within an existing iGaming platform or seeking to grow their current offering, our client-centred approach and selection of Sports Betting Content or Sportsbook Widget solutions can fulfil both their content and platform objectives, allowing them to achieve their business goals.” explained Daria Petrus, company’s Business Development Manager.

“A well-positioned brand with a developed betting audience will achieve more by using content and marketing tools. BetInvest Ltd. has recently expanded exclusive Quick Sports and eGames service. Currently the offering incorporates more than 15,000 events monthly and covers over 20 markets in total (both pre-match and in-play)”.

The company services operators with the exact type of content their customers want: besides Quick Sports proposal, encompassing familiar to mature punters table tennis and beach volleyball, BetInvest Ltd. has partnered with two professional cybersports leagues, whose players compete in the most popular cybersports simulators (eFootball, eSoccer eBasketball, World Basketball and eHockey). Being an exclusive broadcasting and trading distribution rights holder, BetInvest Ltd. provides RTMP-streams for all of the leagues’ matches, ready to be transmitted to Twitch or any other platform.

The most substantial advantage of Betinvest’s Content Solution is the unique back-office comprising full Event Feed alongside the Odds Calculator and detailed statistics. These features are available either within the web interface with no integration needed, or within the API-solution if required in the format of raw data.

Those willing to expand their iGaming business into sports betting will benefit from Betinvest’s Sports Widget. The company is one of the few sportsbook solution providers in the market which can integrate and adapt to any third-party online platform. Its pre-match and live solutions are running on multiple platforms at the moment attracting new users for our partners who were previously casino-oriented.

Flexibility is one of the core requirements of a sportsbook, enabling operators to differentiate themselves in their target markets – Betinvest’s sportsbook, delivered via Sports Widget, is a stand-alone fully functional platform, with a comprehensive range of supporting services. With the purest risk management strategies honed over decades of expertise in trading, Betinvest’s sportsbook product delivers operators more value through the better hold and a proven point of difference on pricing and content. With a market-leading trading team covering major and minor sports in-depth, the Sports Widget is helping to set the trading benchmark. It comes with a vast Data Feed enabling over 50,000 monthly events and 300+ betting markets, all available across more than 80 traditional sports and 25 eSports for a complete player experience. Within the framework of advanced CMS, Betinvest’s clients are equipped with a variety of tools to manage their businesses, including event management features, margin adjustment settings and many more.

“In both cases, we tune the product to the clients’ needs to maximise the results. Integrating Betinvest’s flexible offering has never been easier, allowing a brand to reap the benefits of a respected, proven iGaming service provider quickly and cost-effectively,” Daria added.

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