Fournier, the card games specialists, at G2E Vegas

Casino Review Fournier G2E Las Vegas

Fournier and its sister company, United States Playing Cards Company (USPC), manufacturer of the Bee and KEM playing cards, will exhibit again this year at G2E Vegas with a very clear purpose: to cultivate their reputation of reliable partner presenting a catalogue of solutions aimed at providing security and profitability to the operator in the playing card games.

In addition to Fournier, Bee and KEM playing cards, present in 70 per cent of casinos worldwide, the company will showcase the latest generation of his GLI approved Bee-tek Electronic Shoe which allows further increase in security at Baccarat game, minimising the possibility of errors and cheating during the game.

One of the most celebrated features of the shoe are the B-codes, which ensure an accurate reading of each card and detection of cards that do not belong to the casino. Also noteworthy is the patented technology PR-X Brake, avoiding the dreaded ‘overdraw’ on the baccarat tables. Other features to mention are the virtual cut card and the optional transparent window at the top of the shoe.

Attendees will also learn about the factory Pre-Shuffle playing cards, which are shuffled in a fully automatic and random way.  Certified by GLI, the Pre-Shuffled solution offered by Fournier and USPC helps to maximize the profitability of the casino and improves game protection for both the player and the casino operator.