Full steam ahead in Israel for Eilat legislation

Yariv Levin Eilat Jerusalem
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The government of Israel is continuing with plans to create legislation to legalise landed casino gaming in its southern coastal city of Eilat, according to Jerusalem based online newspaper the Times of Israel (TOI).

Last month saw Israeli tourism minister Yariv Levin meet with other government officials, to hammer out details as to the form casinos – which are illegal throughout the rest of country – would take in the Red Sea resort town.


The casino is not the goal – it’s the means


According to the TOI, one suggestion put before the committee of officials was for casinos to be opened solely within the confines of existing hotels, whilst another advocated for the construction of a single, large casino built immediately adjacent to Eilat’s airport. It is thought that minister Levin favours a third option, which would see three to four standalone casinos permitted, alongside a business conference space and new luxury hotel.

The most discernible result of the recent meeting was the issue of a memorandum stating that the locations of the new casino properties, as well as their conditions for licensure, would be determined within the next three months. In an interview with a national radio news station, Levin said that the presence of casinos in Eilat were part of “an essential process” which would help Israel “compete in the world of tourism.”

“The casino is not the goal – it’s the means,” he added.

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