Gamesman: G2E is a ‘home from home’

Gamesman Sergio Catano
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Sergio Catano, Gamesman’s sales engineer for the Asia market, talks about why G2E Asia is a ‘home from home’ for the company


How would you describe the opportunities for Gamesman in Asia – for example, are all eyes firmly on Japan or is there more to focus on for the business?

With our manufacturing facility in China and a large dynamic customer base, Asia is really a second home to Gamesman. There’s no doubt that we are well positioned for Japan as and when it opens and it brings with it some exciting challenges that the team is well prepared for. While it promises to be an interesting market our immediate focus lies with supporting our Asia customer base with their ongoing business and live projects.

Gamesman has been long time supporters of G2E Asia – what does this expo offer that cannot be found at ICE London, for example?

The distinction that I would make between these two events is that ICE London is truly global whereas G2E Asia is more focused and specific to the challenges of the Asia market. At G2E Asia we have effective and efficient face to face meetings with all of the relevant stakeholders operating throughout Asia and Australasia as well as providing an unparalleled opportunity to meet with many of our key Asia suppliers all under one roof. We put a lot of time and resource into maximising the opportunities that events such as G2E Asia provide and I am pleased to confirm that we are back-to-back with appointments throughout the three days.

Looking ahead to G2E Asia, what do you think will be the main topics of conversation?

From an industry view obviously the issues impacting Japan will be high on the agenda as will discussions relating to all new and future markets. Exhibitions are great places to debate current and future trends and it’s vital for us to always seek to be ahead of the curve and the insight we pick-up from being at events and expos is invaluable. While a lot of what we do as a team is to listen to customers in order to develop bespoke solutions, G2E Asia is also a chance to discuss our plans as a company and to demonstrate product including our LCD Touchdeck and our Dynamic push button decks which include live LCD content.

Gamesman exhibits in London, Macau and Vegas – are these the stand-out business events on the industry calendar and if so in what ways?

The fact that Gamesman has facilities situated around London, Macau and Vegas, we view all of these shows as being ‘home’ events and ones which provide a platform from which to showcase the innovation and technology that Gamesman is respected for. Whilst our exhibition focus is on these key events, our sales team also have visibility and presence at what we consider to be regional shows such as BEGE, NIGA, ICE Africa, AGE as well as many others.

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