Gaming Support spotlights new solution to streamline asset management

gaming support ice
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Netherlands-based casino solutions provider Gaming Support returned to ICE this year, showcasing its new Gaming Asset Management Environment (GAME) designed to monitor the entire lifecycle of casino hardware.


“This is something completely new for the industry,” explained Gaming Support’s sales professional, Rene Akker. “We can then track every asset in a casino or in multiple venues via the system’s dashboard, which can be customised depending on what an operator wants to focus on.”

“The system allows you to quickly see what’s going on, how many issues are reported within a certain timeframe, and if any configuration or maintenance work needs to be done.”

Utilising a software package combined with a system of sensors and multi-level checks, GAME tracks and manages gaming machines, and can even track new units before they are installed.

Tracking each unit through a specially installed sensor, the system records on the dashboard whether the machine is off the floor, is in operation, or is reporting any issues.

“The sensors can track humidity, pressure, temperature and contain a gyroscope and accelerometer,” Akker added. “So the system can recognise if a machine has been hit or moved, and automatically log that something is wrong and produce a report.”

Additionally, GAME can provide data on individual components such as the ticket printer and details what games a machine is running and how these are configured.

“The issue is that when an operator is running a lot of slot machines, staffing limitations often mean that they have too few people to actively manage them effectively,” said Akker. “GAME helps make that process much more streamlined and we’re certain that it’s going to be a big hit for us.”

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