Gaming Support: making life easier for operators

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Showcased at G2E 2016 was Gaming Support’s Jackpot Controller which generates various types of jackpots to make the slot floor even more attractive for players while keeping it easy for the operator. Using Mystery or Progressive Jackpots in a mixed operation, gaming machines can be assigned up to 16 jackpots but only requires a single Slot Interface Board.

Also present at the show was BonusBox: with a great number of installs in casinos worldwide this has a proven record of generating on average up to 35 percent increase in takings.

“When a bank of slot machines on a casino floor are significantly under-performing compared to similar slots,” says Don Baugh, chief executive of Gaming Support USA. “A casino can extend the life of the machines by adding the BonusBoxes. At approximately the same price of a conversion, it is much more economical than replacing the machines. In addition, the BonusBoxes can be re-used on another bank of machines when the time comes.”

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