Gaming Technology Group launches self-service kiosk

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Las Vegas-based Gaming Technology Group (GTG) has introduced Cashlinx, a self-service cash and ticket redemption kiosk.


“GTG was formed as a spin-off of Western Money Systems, which delivered advanced cash management redemption technology to the global gaming industry for more than 25 years,” said Jon Whipple, CEO of GTG.

“We are proud that finally operators will have an economical redemption kiosk available to them, one that commemorates our origins while providing superior security and self-service technology.”

He added: “Today’s cash management needs have evolved to not only require excellent customer service, but to also minimize the threat of fraud and streamline processes. CashLinx allows casinos and route operators alike to accomplish these goals affordably.”

CashLinx connects to GTG’s UltraLinx full-floor slot and loyalty system, to provide players with cash management services, including ticket redemption, bill breaking and ATM amenities.

It also links with third party sports betting systems, and has an optional coin dispensing unit for ease of redemption. Its small size and ergonomic design is easy to use, intuitive and flexible. It allows for easy access, while still maintaining high security standards.

“CashLinx is introduced at a great time, we are now positioned to offer our customers a very powerful, affordable, packaged solution,” said Whipple.

“GTG’s UltraLinx system provides tools including slot accounting, downloadable credits, ticketing, robust reporting, and player tracking. PromoLinx, our full-service promotional kiosk, allows operators to drive revenue by aligning marketing reinvestment costs to the exact players that warrant it. And now CashLinx provides them with a very strong cash management solution.”


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