Gasser to spotlight sportsbooks seating on dedicated stand

Gasser Chair G2E

Aiming to fulfil all operators’ seating project needs, Ohio-based Gasser Chair will present multiple new seating lines spread across two stands with a dedicated area for sportsbook and event seating.


Gasser Chair Company prides itself on being the one-stop chair supplier for all casino and hotel hospitality, gaming and dining needs.

With the company’s entire product line manufactured at the Gasser complex in Youngstown, Ohio, the firm has enjoyed a 73-year history as a leading hospitality and casino seating supplier.

To showcase its numerous new seating products to specific market segments at this year’s G2E, Gasser has built a dedicated 300 sq ft sportsbook and event seating section within its overall 900 sq ft stand.

The modern, colourful layout includes two separate exhibit floor spaces on opposite sides of the aisle. Each section will display products appropriate for modern casino and hotel operations.

Communications manager Kevin Buck stated that Gasser’s extensive research has produced the perfect sportsbook chair, The Agora, which will be launching at the show.

“The Agora chair’s flexible seating options include adding attachments and chargers for i-Pads and phones. It allows our customers to tailor these seats to satisfy their own customers’ preferences and create a premier sportsbook destination. This flexibility also enhances individual pricing options to accommodate any budget,” he said, adding that the comprehensive development process for the company’s latest seating solution took much of the past year.

“I have never sat in a more comfortable chair. The prototype could just go ‘missing’ from R&D and end up in my house,” Buck quipped.

The sportsbook stand will share space with event seating, where Gasser will highlight the new 13lb Vindi superlight stack chair, while the area will also display several other stack chair models.

Across the aisle, Gasser’s remaining 600 sq ft will showcase the newest slots, table games and poker chairs. This space will highlight multiple custom projects manufactured throughout this year and debut Gasser’s newest gaming series, the Alto.

“Casino operators who require buying value never want to sacrifice quality. Our new Alto Series chair lets them achieve both. The Alto series is available for slots, table games and poker rooms. We are confident it will be a huge product for our customers because it is equally comfortable as it is affordable” Buck affirmed.

STAND: 3016 AND 3216