Gauselmann’s diverse portfolio of winning content is engaging with every demographic

Gauselmann portfolio
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Maja Cvetkovic (MC), Business Development Manager – Online, adp Gauselmann, explores the first-class formula behind its games and how its latest titles are appealing to various players and markets.


When you create games do you design for a mass audience or is it for a certain demographic?

Having first design ideas regarding new games you almost always end up creating it for a certain demographics. As a part of this design process, we are also observing market developments and the newest developments in order to identify future trends that we implement into our games. You have to offer various games for various player types as these very much differ from each other not only from market to market but also within the same market. The development of the specific game and its direction is also influenced by the knowledge of our employees around the world who are gathering the information about the game preferences among certain demographics.

Are millennials hard to cater for?

With our diverse portfolio of content, particularly with the newest titles of which we are confident to reach various player segments. The Gauselmann Group´s experience regarding player types and preferences enables us to develop targeted content towards new player groups. In order to attract new players including millennials we are looking at games and features that are unique and cross the lines between slots, classic computer games and game apps. Furthermore, we are designing our portfolio as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. We are utilising graphics and animation to tell a story that unfolds as players progress through the game, moving ahead step by step. We are also working with development partners in several areas which enable us to offer a very diverse portfolio of content that addresses various player types and markets.

What makes a great game and where do you source game ideas and themes?

We are continuously monitoring and researching market developments to identify future trends that we translate into our roadmap. We are also very fortunate to benefit from the many new ideas coming from the various game design teams within the Gauselmann Group. In addition to that, we are working closely together with our partners, listening to their feedback and insights in order to further enhance our content and explore new ideas and features.

Do games created for retail bricks and mortar environments transfer to online – do they have to be tweaked or altered?

We are strongly benefitting from porting successful land-based titles from the popular Merkur library – games that players know and enjoy playing. A key objective is to bring those successful land-based titles to online and make them popular with online players as well. These games are usually not altered as a lot of players would know these from the land-based world which means they would have certain expectations regarding their favourite games whether online or land-based. If we need to make changes to certain titles due to regulatory requirements, we are trying to stay as close to the land-based version as possible.

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