Prototypes and product development at forefront for G+D Currency Technology

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With ICE a focal point for the European casino industry, leading provider of banknote processing systems, G+D Currency Technology, took the opportunity to spotlight its BPS C2 family of multi-pocket currency counters, specifically tailored to meet the requirements of small to medium sized venues.


“We’re growing our European presence,” said G+D’s global business development director, Jim Goodwin.

“As part of this, we have developed the type of equipment that allows us to be at the price point to appeal to this market.”

The BPS C2 line is capable of interfacing with G+D’s BPS Connect, a software package for count rooms, and was displayed alongside the company’s BPS C4 and C1 sorters, which are already in use throughout the US and Asia.

Alongside the modular sorters, G+D presented a prototype prepping table, already in use throughout its banking and CIT operations, for the casino sector.

“It’s an integrated table with cameras, to straighten up the money for table game counts, making the process more streamlined,” said Goodwin. “It’s more of a prototype, an introduction to the casinos, because we want their feedback to see how it best fits.”

G+D ’s focus on product development not only takes into account the differences in scale between markets, but also addresses new trends in technology, with Goodwin explaining that “automation is becoming a big part of everything we do”.

“We have products that automatically load, bundle and shrink-wrap money, reducing human contact while increasing the integrity and efficiency of the count,” he continued.

“Casinos want to increase bandwidth with fewer people, automation is the way to do that.”

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