G+D Currency Technology highlights banknote processing solutions in Macau

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G+D Currency Technology returned to G2E Asia this year to demonstrate its range of banknote processing systems, having already established a significant position in the Macau market, as well as further afield.

G2E Asia has been a very good show for us and we’ve met with both new and existing customers,” said sales director Mila Leung.

“In Macau, we’re already working with most of the large casinos, and our clients include many of the major operators across Asia including the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.”

The cash handling company took the opportunity to spotlight its latest product, the BPS C2 tabletop note processor, which won the German Design Award 2018, at the show.

“Our products cover a range of different areas in the casino,” explained Leung. “The BPS C2 is part of the latest generation of high-performance table-top systems which are ideal for counting small to medium quantities of banknotes, checking their authenticity, and sorting them.

“The system is capable of sorting 1,050 banknotes per minute, and can read the serial numbers if required.
“It’s incredibly efficient, and perfect for high volume areas such as the cage or VIP area.”

The company also highlighted its BPS C4 which provides a perfect solution for casino count rooms and is capable of efficiently processing mid-sized banknote volumes.

“With a throughput of up to 43,000 banknotes per hour, the BPS C4 helps increase productivity in banknote processing and is also able to handle TITO tickets intermingled with cash,” Leung added.

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