Georgia republicans move against casinos

Casino Review - Georgia state gaming bill
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The US republican party in Georgia have voted unanimously against allowing any casino or horse racing bills to be passed through the senate for the rest of this year.

Concerned with the alleged link between gambling and a rise in crime and divorce rates, Georgia’s ‘grand old party’ or GAGOP didn’t cite any particular study to reinforce their claims but voted in force for “the members of the Georgia Legislature to cease and desist with any efforts to open the State of Georgia to casino and horse racing.”

Further resolving that “the state should not have a vested interest in predatory activities such as gambling for the sake of filling state coffers at the expense of ruined lives and broken families,” the right wing party members vowed that legalising casino gambling in the state may cause Native American tribes to “venue shop for property to open casinos,” forcing them on local communities.   

All forms of gambling are currently criminalised in Georgia except for raffles for charitable organisations and a state lottery that funds the HOPE scholarship, a program that aids Georgian students in affording in-state college and university tuition, as well as fund the public pre-K programs in the state.

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