GeWeTe heralds successful fourth showing at BEGE

GeWeTe BEGE 2018
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The leading international cash handling provider, GeWeTe, has confirmed it received another year of “excellent feedback” from visitors to its stand at the Bulgarian BEGE show in 2018.


For the fourth consecutive year, GeWeTe has exhibited at the Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Exhibition in Sofia.

Visitors to the BEGE recognised the important role GeWeTe plays in the gaming market with the unbeatable choice of redemption and change machines. The product range is so large to correspond to the differing customer requirements.

“When we first came to the BEGE, we were often confronted with the belief that German products are too expensive. We have proven that this is a myth; it is simply not true. Our product/performance ratio really shows that we are extremely competitive on pricing given the fact that GeWeTe machines perform so long and well in the market. Significantly less maintenance requirements strongly reduce ongoing costs and the fact that GeWeTe machines are built to last means that an operator does not have to invest again in a redemption machine for a longer period of time”, explained Mr. Aristidis Tsikouras, Managing Director of GeWeTe.

GeWeTe has been celebrating its 25th anniversary during this year. GeWeTe stands for product excellence, reliability, security and longevity as well as dedicated service. The focus was on the Cash-Center-Compact range at the BEGE. This series covers all requirements an operator can have for a redemption machine, naturally both for sports betting and for casino/street gaming.

“Visitors to our stand were pleased to see us again and often commented on the positive impression that makes – that we at GeWeTe have invested again to exhibit at the BEGE and we are here to stay to support the market – and furthermore we have the right solution for every application”, added Mr. Jens Möller, Sales Manager at GeWeTe.

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