Ghana earmarked for economic prosperity

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The Ghanaian vice president, Mahamadu Bauwmia has stated that the country is not only on course to achieve its aim of “Ghana Beyond Aid” but that the nation is fast becoming one of the more robust economies in sub-saharan Africa.

The western nation has been making great strides towards financial independence since president Akufo-Addo came to power in early 2017, despite recent contractions in natural resource markets.

“A strong economy expands opportunities and allows individuals to venture into new territories,” Bawumia said at the Ghana Industrial Summit in Accra “We cannot develop a strong economy if we don’t factor in certain entities.”

In the last two years the nation has seen the roll out digital transaction services and national ID cards that have helped both the profitability and regulation of gaming and stand as testament to the rapidly maturing socio economic climate that is beginning to attract great deals of outside investments.

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