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Casino Review - Bringing a global perspective to established and emerging jurisdictions - GLI Martin Britton
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International Casino Review caught up with Martin Britton, GLI’s MD for Europe and Africa, to discuss the company’s latest developments on the continent.


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]nternational Casino Review: Which new European markets has GLI entered in the last year?

Martin Britton: There were two key developments for GLI in Europe in the recent past. First, GLI became the first international gaming laboratory to be awarded Class II Gaming Systems licenses in Romania, increasing our activity across Europe and allowing us to provide assistance to the Romanian ONJN (Oficiul National pentru Jocuri de Noroc). Next, we recently became the first international gaming laboratory to earn accreditation in the Czech Republic by the Czech Ministry of Finance and Gaming Board. We anticipate more developments in the future.


ICR: In terms of your testing model, have you needed to move to address any regulatory changes in Europe?

MB: Like technologies, we continually evolve our processes to best help our clients on the regulatory, supplier and operator sides of the business.

We pride ourselves on staying at least one step ahead of developers so that we can best advise our regulatory clients of new technologies that are coming to the land-based and online areas of the industry.

That includes updating our processes, people, equipment and standards as appropriate.

Our job is to help regulators maintain the industry’s integrity, and we have and will adapt as technologies insist we do.


ICR: On the consulting side, have you worked with any regulators or undertaken any studies?

MB: Yes, we have and continue to consult with regulators worldwide in established markets as well as in emerging markets such as Japan and Brazil.

GLI brings tremendous advantages to our customers because we have over 950 people working in over 20 labs worldwide.

That means we are seeing things up close and personal in a “boots on the ground” type of way.

This allows us to share our direct knowledge and experience from around the world to benefit our clients wherever they are and with whatever challenge they face, whether they are an established or emerging jurisdiction.

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