Government: Elliniko casino tender to launch by the end of August

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The bidding process for a casino licence at Elliniko, part of a multi-billion-euro integrated resort project at the site of the former Hellinikon airport near Athens, is set to launch by the end of August.

According to a list of 35 pending privatisation actions issued by the Greek government, the Hellenic Gaming Commission will announce the tender by August 31. The winning bidder will have the right to operate a casino at the site for 30 years, while US-based Caesars Entertainment Corp is reportedly interested in participating in the tender.

Last summer, the government approved the Hellinikon project, presented by a group of investors from Abu Dhabi and China together with local partner Lamda Development for the development of an E8bn integrated resort at the Elliniko site.

Besides selecting the licensee for the casino portion of the project, the relocation of various corporations still based at site has still to be completed.

The deadline for the departure of all entities is November 2018, while a number of them, such as the Civil Aviation Authority and the Agios Cosmas sports centre are scheduled to relocate by September.

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