GPI highlights its line of Smart RFID solutions

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With the two companies sharing a stand at this year’s G2E, Gaming Partners International will be spotlighting its Smart RFID solutions, while Angel Playing Cards will be showcasing its casino grade playing cards and Angel Eye and Super Angel Eye baccarat shoes.


Gaming Partners International, a leading global supplier of table game security products including chips, plaques, jetons, layouts, playing cards, dice and Smart RFID products and solutions will be presenting its latest innovations at G2E 2019.

Reflecting the company’s continuing commitment to researching and developing innovative new products and services, GPI is always one step ahead of the competition.

GPI’s Smart RFID high frequency products and solutions are built on the ISO18000-3M3 standard and offer operators a more affordable and accessible RFID alternative for securing and managing their gaming currency inventories.

With a suite of products consisting of specially developed currency RFID tags, hardware readers and antennas, Smart works to provide faster chip reads, enhancing an operator’s table, cage and fill bank processes. Coupled with the company’s Chip Inventory System (CIS) software, Smart RFID streamlines operations on the table and in the back of house.

Smart readers and antennas can be utilised as either a stand-alone solution for basic currency authentication or can be combined with GPI’s Chip Inventory System and table game solution addons to maximise RFID’s capabilities. For currency authentication, Smart RFID provides a simple and secure means of currency authentication anywhere readers and antennas are installed.

Exhibiting alongside GPI, Angel Playing Cards will also be highlighting its suite of products at this year’s show, including the firm’s top of the line, casino grade playing cards. Angel cards are printed using state-of-the-art printing technology and using the most stringent manufacturing tolerances in the market.

Angel’s playing cards manufacturing process is completely automated to reduce human error, enhance security and provide customers with the highest levels of confidence in the finished product.

Angel was the first manufacturer to develop pre-shuffled cards and the only manufacturer to 100 percent inspect every printed card. Pre-shuffled cards offered by Angel provide significant benefits to operators and increase game security and productivity.

Angel will also be showcasing both the Angel Eye and Super Angel Eye baccarat shoes. These electric shoes offer extremely high accuracy rates in reading the unique codes on all Angel playing cards. The shoes trigger audible and visual alarms in the event of a dealing error and are compatible with all results display boards.

This game-changing product was another world-first developed by Angel, revolutionising the way baccarat is played in casinos worldwide.

The Angel Eye provides a secure and reliable game for both the players and the casino while reducing the incidence of cheating at the same time. As a result, Angel is now the global leader in the provision of electric dealing shoes.

Additionally, GPI’s Smart RFID technology is 100 percent compatible with the Angel Eye Complete table game system.

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