Grand Casino Bern endorses DRGT

Casino Bern
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Switzerland’s Grand Casino Bern has singled DRGT’s jackpot system management out for praise.


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he management at DRGT’s oldest customer in Switzerland, the Grand Casino Bern, has spoken highly of the many benefits DRGT technology has brought the property.

In 2008, the Grand Casino Bern was the very first casino in Switzerland to adopt a DRGT system. Since then, the property has offered six different jackpots to its customers: Swiss Jackpot, Auto Jackpot, Parking Jackpot, Hot & Wild Jackpot, Teatro Jackpot and Mystery Jackpot, all of which are managed by the DRGT system. These jackpots were first introduced in 2007, but their number was beyond the capabilities of the existing system – prompting Casino Bern to seek a new supplier.

“Our customer focus has always been our motivator for change,” says the casino’s technical director Gerhard Stiegler. “As a team we constantly look how we can ensure that our guests spend the best possible time in our casino. The introduction of a large number of jackpots brought the previous systems technology to its limits. We researched the market and chose DRGT, which was at that time trading as SiP. We have been working together with DRGT since 2008 and are very satisfied with the DRGT system and the support this company gives us.”

“We see DRGT as offering something very unique in the market,” he continued. “The future-looking DRGT technology requires no central server – which is a massive benefit. There is no single point of failure. The functionality of the DRGT system is excellent – it is easy to use and we can manage all our systems requirements – not just the jackpots, but also the accounting and ticketing as well.”

Grand Casino Bern was opened in 2002. Open 365 days of the year, the property offers 350 slot machines and 14 live gaming tables. Its Swiss jackpot is the largest casino jackpot in Europe. The casino’s motto is ‘All in One’, as it aims to offers everything to its visitors in order to ensure they have an unforgettable stay.

Christian Eder, operations director at DRGT, commented: “We not only manage seven different jackpots – there are different jackpot levels between these as well. Our job is to manage the varied and complex requirements and ensure that our customers make the best possible use of our systems. Naturally, reliability is key.”

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