Grand Mariana: Chinese VIPs on US soil

Chinese Junket
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Mark Brown discusses the Grand Mariana’s plans to roll-out the first junket-style operation within US jurisdiction. “At present, in Saipain we’re dealing with our VIPs on an individual basis.

We’re averaging 100 high-rollers a month – and I have a list of 400 “cream of the cream” players which we’ll be running with going forward. We do plan to introduce junkets here – really the first instance of that anywhere on US soil. But I’ll still need to know every single person playing in our VIP rooms. You can’t play at the Grand Mariana unless I know who you are. Saipan is US territory – and as such we follow AML laws assiduously. I can give a guy credit directly – and he can give monies to other guys – but I’ll need their passports. I’ll need to run checks. That’s quite different to the situation in Macau – where you can walk into a junket room in Macau: where in some places there’s 60 people playing and you have no idea who they are, the company doesn’t know who they are – and frankly, the company doesn’t care.


We provide a safe and secure environment for large sums to be played


We provide a safe and secure environment for large sums to be played. A core component of that can be seen in our reputable board of directors – which has been instrumental in quickly getting the Best Sunshine brand known and trusted. It includes federal judge Eugene Sullivan and James Woolsey – a long time CIA guy. A number of our directors are ex-FBI, ex- CIA – we have two ex governors of US states on our advisory boards. These guys wouldn’t stick their necks out and associate their name with our company if they didn’t think it was legitimate – and I think that’s a ringing endorsement as far as both the authorities and our players are concerned.”


For more information, see our in depth interview with Mark Brown, Chief Executive of Imperial Pacific International Holdings.

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