Grosvenor Casinos launch Christmas campaign with VR activation

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In addition to two extensive refurbishments in London this Winter, Grosvenor Casinos has announced a national Christmas and New Year campaign entitled Lead The Pack.


As part of its national Christmas and New Year’s campaign, Grosvenor Casinos has launched an virtual reality experience for consumers that kicked off at Exchange Square’s Nordic-inspired forest in London.

The casino chain created a sensory pod whereby consumers can view the stunning Northern Lights and engage with the cast of animal characters from its seasonal campaign.

Popping up for two days in London, the experience then moves to Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens for Thursday, 30 November and Friday, 1 December.

As part of the journey, Grosvenor Casinos’ brand ambassadors invite consumers to come into the completely darkened space where they are instructed to put on the VR goggles and headphones.

They are then transported to a winter scene with heavy snow falling. In a 4-D sensory experience, cold wind and the smell of the alpine immerse the consumers, making them feel they are really in the north. Then, the Northern Lights come alive in the sky above them.

As the VR ends, guests remove their goggles to see that the animals are now in front of them in person, and the pod has been transformed into a Grosvenor Casino.

The ‘Lead The Pack’ animals engage with the guests based on their specific characters, for example Ragna, the reindeer, is all about Roulette and invites the public to join in for a spin on the Roulette wheel.

“Following on from our successful ‘Call Of The Wild’ stunt at London’s Waterloo train station last December, we are excited to take our brand amplification to the next level in terms of an innovative and exciting customer journey,“ says Amy Culora, head of London and investments marketing.

“We are looking forward to surprising and delighting consumers with #leadthepack and showing them what Grosvenor Casinos is all about.”

Kicking off the London stunt, reality TV star, Jamie Laing from Made in Chelsea, surprised guests when he revealed he is under Ragna, the reindeer’s costume head.

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